Choral Evensong and Religious Indifferentism



Last night, a service of Choral Evensong was held in St Peter’s Basilica in Rome, the very heart of the Catholic Church. See story here.

With my Anglican Convert (and former Organist and Director of Music) hat on, I considered that this would be a wonderful opportunity for the new Anglican Ordinariate to offer evening prayer in their authorised use of the office. This would be a prime opportunity to celebrate genuine diversity within Holy Mother Church and wouldn’t it have been wonderful to hear St Peter’s ring with Herbert Howell’s Collegium Regale setting of the Magnificat  in the context of a truly Catholic service!

This, however, was not the case. Rather than celebrating true ecumenism-which is the conversion of those outside of the One True Church and their grafting onto the body of Christ- last night was a pageant of false ecumenism. The Holy Father, four years on the throne (well rarely on the throne in a literal sense) this week,  has made it his goal to ‘reach out to the peripheries’ but it seems that his open arms sacrifice the true faith as revealed by God on the altar of ‘togetherness.’ At the last, this is as good as this false ecumenism gets- togetherness- because those who are separated from the Church remain so even if the Pope holds their hands over the wall that they themselves have built.

Until the Second Vatican Council, it was a sin to pray with anyone who did not hold the fullness of the Catholic Faith and was not in union with the Visible Church which was founded by Christ on the Petrine Rock. These days, Peter- who’s confession was ” Thou art the Christ”- joins in prayer with the Lutherans at Lund in celebration of the man who tore half of Europe from the bosom of Holy Mother Church, in the Anglican congregation in Rome and on various other settings. But this time, this time the false worship was offered deep in the panting heart of Rome- treading on the grave of St Peter, parading past the tombs of Popes. What does Pope St Pius X think of this as the adherents of this false notion of God parade past his altar dressed as Bishops? And what of St Peter and the Martyrs who were murdered for refusing to compromise on the truth- their relics trod upon by those who pick and choose, distort scripture, divorce, fornicate, contracept and abort, those whose founders and ancestors all but stamped out the True Church all for a king’s lust. This is a great sacrilege and a desecration of the house of God.

Others have written well on the doctrinal issues surrounding this and so I leave a couple of reflections of my own for your consideration.

  1. In his prophetic novel, ironically recommended by the Holy Father, ‘Lord of the World’ Msgr. Robert Hugh Benson writes of a time when the charming politician who has been elected as President of the World claims the abandoned Anglican church buildings of England for the New Religion. This pagan religion is enforced much like protestant Anglican worship was enforced by Henry VIII successors. The ‘liturgy’ for this worship of human ideals is inspired by that of Freemasonry and is enacted by ex-priests of the Catholic church who are headed up by a man who left his prominent position at the Vatican to do so; a certain Fr Francis. The equalisation of all religions into one super-religion is a prime objective for those seeking to establish the New World Order.
  2. I encouraged priests and friends of mine to offer Vespers in reparation for the desecration of the principal Papal Basilica. The chapter at the office could not have been more appropriate.

“Between the porch and the altar the priests the Lord’ s ministers shall weep, and shall say: Spare, O Lord, spare thy people: and give not thy inheritance to reproach, that the heathen should rule over them.” Joel 2:17

The previous verses talk about the heathen climbing in through the windows as thieves to steal the inheritance of the people of God- the windows, no doubt, that were left open by Pope John XXIII!


V. Let us pray for Francis, the Pope.
R. May the Lord preserve him, give him a long life, make him blessed upon the earth, and may the Lord not hand him over to the power of his enemies.

V. May your hand be upon your holy servant.
R. And upon your son whom you have anointed.

Let us pray. O God, the Pastor and Ruler of all the faithful, look down, in your mercy, upon your servant, Francis, whom you have appointed to preside over your Church; and grant, we beseech you, that both by word and example, he may edify all those under his charge; so that, with the flock entrusted to him, he may arrive at length unto life everlasting. Through Christ our Lord. R. Amen.


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